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Customer's need for domestic and international logistics are becoming more multifarious and complex.
To meet these rapidly changing demands,
FOVL has developed a global logistics network with ability to provide service in land, sea and air.
More than 45-years of experience in this field,
FOVL is always here to assist you and your goods, giving you the best logistics solutions.

Freight Forwarding

Capable of handling door-to-door, multimodal transport which covers all venues of Japan.
Connecting the world by ocean, land and air to your hand.


In the Port of Kobe area, FOVL owns a total of 3,420 square meters of bonded warehouse space.
Space provided for the storage and movement of general merchandise.
Not only in the Port of Kobe,
FOVL have powerful network through out the country to provide compatible warehousing service.

Custom Breakage

Task force of highly trained-and-experienced specialists,
whom they will clear your cargo to achieve smooth cargo delivery.
FOVL have more than 45-years of experience in custom breakage industry.

Cargo Packing

Packing is playing a efficient role in today's complicated logistics industry.
Packaging service is one of FOVL's strength, striving hard to maintain our reliability.


In today's aggressive business environment,
the role of providing up-dated-information in international logistics is now substantial.
The information provided by FOVL is playing a efficient role in arranging international shipments,
and our client's valuable cargo can be moved safely and quickly from origin to destination.
FOVL's determination as information provider, we make every endeavor to satisfy our customers.